The best unique meditation music clip to relieve stress

(God) Allah ho Allah ho Allah ho

This mystical music clip of 27 seconds is very powerful.If you are under pressure for some reason or you want to solve a problem.

So you sit in a comfortable place
In a relaxed position. Close your eyes and imagine.Think of a solution to your problem with that in mind, and this mystical music will help you.
Listen to this mystical clip with an auto-repeat setting.

There is no time limit. Listen as much as you can hear.

Clip source:

The song was aired on a (Pakistan television)PTV drama”soraj kay sath sath or “Along with the Sun”. The singer’s name is mussarat nazeer and I first heard it on YouTube in 2018, I got the details in the comments.Then I trimmed it and it felt so good and I was so relieved to hear it.I hope you enjoy today’s journey of Sofa Text Express and you will feel relaxed listening to it. Here is the link to the full song.

Song link:

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