2 Easy Recipes of Sweet Potato, Ready Immediately

A special winter gift
sweet potato

sweet potato
it is a healthy,useful food for the stomach and intestines
It is equally popular with young children and adults.Just think to have a comfortable seat by the fireplace in the winter,there is an atmosphere of silence, You are reading your favorite book or think about something. What a wonderful moment to this fascination why not enhance with a light snack? And that is sweet potato.

The taste of sweet roasted potatoes is so deliciously different,
so put sweet potatoes in the fire for 10 to 15 minutes. And then peel it off. Just enjoy it now.

Sweet potatoes are commonly eaten here in Pakistan in 2 ways. I mentioned 1. now I tell you the 2nd method or recipe of sweet potato chaat.

Ingredients: Medium size& Boied+peeled sweet potatoes: 6 Or 7 Sugar :3 Tbsp Salt :1 pinch Lemon juice: 1Tbsp Black pepper or red chilli :1/4th tsp(optional) Some pieces of square papers.

Recipe: Cut the sweet potatoes into small cubes. Then add sugar, salt, pepper, and lemon juice and mix it well. By placing it in square pieces of paper, believe me, has its own taste, and eating like this is fun. I hope you remember this journey of sofa text express train.

A very Quick and Easy Recipe Saffron milk with only 3 ingredients.

Saffron milk is a popular energy drink in Pakistan.
People use this energy drink every season, but in the winter season, the demand for saffron milk increases in Pakistan. The main reason for its warm effects and is best for the heart, liver, and brain health, so it is mixed with milk and is preferred for drinking. It is also used in other foods.


It is good to take before going to bed in winter and it relieves the fatigue of the day. The Saffron’s plant grows in Quetta City and its environs in Pakistan. Saffron is also found in Kashmir, Iran, Turkey, Spain, China, Italy, France, and Portugal. Today we will talk about the recipe for delicious saffron milk. This is an instant nutritional recipe. This is a favorite energy drink of children and adults.

Note: 1.This milk recipe  is for 5 years old and all adults.
(Be sure to consult a doctor for anyone under the age of 5).
2.Those who are allergic to milk or
People with diarrhea should not try this recipe.

Prep. 5 mins Cook. 15 mins Total . 20 mins Servings. 2

Ingredients: fresh full cream milk 1 liter
Saffron strands Level 1/2 tsp (some pieces of saffron)
sugar 2 tbsp(or to your taste).

1. Pour the milk into a pan
2. Keep the milk on high flame until it boils.
3. Now slow the flame.
4. Add in the milk saffron strands+ sugar.
5. Let it simmer for 10-11 minutes on medium flame.
6. Turn off the stove and mix it well.
7. Now you drink it hot or cold, as you like. Some people also like finely chopped pistachios and almonds in saffron milk.So if you want more taste, add 1tsp of chopped almonds and pistachios When you start pouring it into the glass.

Some people also like rose petals in this energy drink.If you like then you can add petals.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s trip of our Sofa Text Express train. When you try this recipe, send me a glass too. So that I can create another nice and delicious blog.Ha ha ha

Easy and Quick Recipe Homemade Delicious Milk Bottleo

Milk is a complete food.
Children or adults,
Everyone’s favorite.
This simple recipe of milk is very popular in Pakistan in all seasons, So today I am sharing this recipe with all of you readers.

But first, some special instructions:
1.This milk recipe  is for 5 years old and all adults.
(Be sure to consult a doctor for anyone under the age of 5).
2.Those who are allergic to milk or
People with diarrhea should not try this recipe.

So let’s start.
This recipe is for 2

Ingredients: 1-liter full cream fresh milk
2 tbsp of sugar or (to your taste)
1 tsp cornflour
4 finely chopped Almonds (it’s optional).
2 Milk bottle or glass.

Take a pan and pour milk into it.
Put on the stove over medium heat.
Let it boil.
Now let it cook on low heat for 30 minutes.
After a while, keep stirring with a spoon.
Now In the meantime, watch your favorite TV show if you want, or you can cut vegetables or teach children, or do anything whatever you want.
after 30 minutes add 3tspn sugar and 1tsp cornflour.
For a while now
Stir quickly with a spoon.
Now the milk will start to thicken.

You can take this milk off the stove after 5 minutes Or let it cook more.
How thick is the milk to drink?
It’s up to you.
When the milk thickens to the desired level, turn off the stove. Add finely chopped almonds(optional)
Pour it into a milk bottle or glass.

Drink hot if you like or
Put on room temperature for a while. if you want more chilled milk bottles then
Refrigerate it for 2 to 3 hours.

Note: How long can we store?
If you want to keep it in your fridge it is best for just 2 days and
can be stored in the freezer for up to a week.

I hope this sofa journey won’t bore you with this delicious recipe.

Easy Potato fry recipe

The fact is that we have a long list of foods.

But still often
we don’t know what to eat?In this case, if an easy recipe is found that is ready immediately,

Then we say to ourselves
“How lucky I am.”

This recipe is ready in 20 minutes and is enough for 3 people.


1/2 kg potatoes

2 medium size red tomatoes

1/2 tsp garlic,ginger mix paste

3 tbsp oil

red chilly or black pepper powder 1/2 tsp

1/2 tsp of salt or to your taste

1/2 tsp coriander powder

1/4 tsp turmeric powder

1 tsp cumin seeds.

4 tbsp water


Wash the potatoes and peel, then cut into square cubes or round slices and Soak in water.

Heat oil in a pan. Add ginger garlic paste.After 20 seconds add the potatoes and cook for 1 minute.Then add all the spices+4 tbsp water.

Add finely chopped tomatoes and mix it well.
Cook for 15 minutes on low heat.

When the potatoes are well cooked, then
Dish out.Now it is up to you to eat it with plain chapaati/bread or eat it with a fork.hope you’ll like this sofa text express train food journey.

Easy recipe for milk tea

Tea is a popular drink in the world. Milk tea is a great source of physical refreshment and eliminates mental fatigue.Some people drink a cup of tea to freshen up. Some people take two or three cups of tea. We can say that it is a tea addiction.

This is a simple recipe and is ready in just 15 minutes.So take your pan to make tea. Our sofa text train journey is now going to tea town.

You need to make milk tea:

1 pan
1/2 Liter of fresh milk
1 cup of water
5 teaspoons of sugar
2 cardamoms


Add fresh milk to the pan, add 1cup of water, add sugar and cardamom.Now cook it on medium heat. When bubbles start forming in the tea and it boils like milk, light the fire but do not take it off the stove.Mix it well.After 15 minutes, remove from the heat and pour into a cup.

The tea is ready

For more flavor, add 1 teaspoon of fresh cream to this cup of tea , or 1 teaspoon of milo powder or half a teaspoon of coffee. Hope you enjoy the taste of this cup of tea


Pakistani Traditional Dessert Makhni Kheer or Butter Kheer

Delecious Dessert

Easily prepared in just half an hour.This recipe is for two persons.

Butter 1Tbsp+Fresh\whole Milk 1and half kg+Soaked Rice 7 Tbsp (soak for 15 minutes) +Sugar 5 Tbsp+
4 almond Kernels & 4  pistachew finely chopped( for garnishing sprinkle on top).


Take a pan and put butter in it. When it melts, add fresh\whole milk and cook for 5 minutes.When the milk boils, add soaked rice and then sugar.Now cook it on medium flame for about 20 to 25 minutes,give it well stir. It is necessary to stir continuously.

Cook until thickened.
How thick the kheer?It’s up to you.After cooking, turn off the stove and take it out in a dish.Garnish with finely chopped pistachio nuts and cool for a while at room temperature.

Now the delicious  butter kheer is ready to eat.If you want to eat more chilled kheer then keep it in the fridge for 15 minutes.I hope you like this recipe.