5 simple steps How to avoid jealous people

An envious glance

Have you ever been hurt by a jealous person? Of course, your answer would be yes! Here are just 5 simple steps, which will keep you safe from envy.

Don’t worry
follow these strong steps

An envious person can be a very close family member, or it could be your friend, colleague, relative, neighbor etc. According to Happiness coach

Example of professional jealousy

“Turn your attention to those people and shower them with the love, praise, and affection they deserve. This is the true route to happiness!”

How to Deal with Jealous People : Complete guide

You can also use the Happy Coach tip to avoid a jealous person.Dealing with a jealous person at home can be more difficult than a colleague jealous person, but this is not impossible.

Jealousy and domestic affairs

Why it is difficult to deal with a jealous person at home as opposed to taking a colleague because we may have more encounters with family members. For example, it maybe difficult for you to deal with an envious person; disagreeing on the use of the kitchen at home, disagreeing on watching TV programs, or having different preferences in buying household items, etc. While friends, colleagues or relatives we spend a certain amount of time with them. Anyway, may be you are disturbed by both types of jealous people.

A person with negative thoughts

The cure for such people is to lock them in a dark room when you get a chance and then become ghosts and scare them by making ghostly noises.Hahaha, don’t be too serious about it.

Become a ghost
Get rid of the jealous person
An envious person is afraid of the sound of ghosts

Now 5 simple steps to avoid the envious person:

Step 1:

Never take their attitude towards you seriously and don’t waste your precious time and thoughts on it.


Step 2:

Don’t share your success, progress, future planning, happiness with them, if you have to share all this, do it carefully.Do not express your happiness in front of them.

Be carefull from an envious

Step 3:

Be confident. Believe in yourself. Stay away from any kind of discussion with an envious person.If it is necessary to talk to an envious person in a matter, be careful but calm,If his behavior forces you to be aggressive, hide your feelings, react to it in a full and calm manner and in 3 to 4 sentences, then pass a smile to him.

Smile in front of him

He will tremble.
So it is the cure for jealous people.

Disturb the envious

Step 4:

Stay away from it as much as possible, whether it is in the office or at home. You can relax only by avoiding and ignoring.In front of an envious person, Whether you use a mobile phone or watch a TV show or do some office work show yourself as busy as if you have no other job.

Don’t bother

Step 5:

If you encounter a jealous person and he is harassing you in new ways, so you can do something different in front of that person like humming a song while completely ignoring him or Laugh out loud when you see memes of your choice,Walking while listening to music, and best of all, spend a lot of time with your best friend,colleague or relative.

I don’t care about you
I’m happy myself
sofa text express train

Only 5 easy points For the selection of Niche and writing

Do you find it difficult to pick a niche? Or do you want to write something and you can’t write easily?

These magic points will solve your problems immediately. How? I have a magic trick, this magic trick belongs to David Blaine and with that, I’ll bring the niche or writing tricks to your mind.Hahaha,no!
I said this jokingly.

How an idea comes to mind

First of all, no task is difficult.Of course, taking the first step is difficult, but not impossible.
Read this article carefully only 2  to 3 times, and then pick up your pen
like me and put it in gear.I am 100% sure that you will write the best writing.So come to the point.

What is a niche?

The concept of a niche is very clear in this definition by David HartShorne


“A niche – in simple terms – is the general topic matter that you write about. It’s the passion or main theme of your blog.
When you have a niche, all your posts revolve around that main theme, and that’s essentially all you talk about”.
Source: Blogging Wizard

How to choose a niche

Easy 5 Points


Start any work with this magic phrase repeat this 2 to3 times before writing anything:

Yes, I can do it. Never lose your confidence, no matter what happens. Don’t be afraid to fail.One thing to keep in mind when you start writing is to be in a normal mood.In a state of anger, you may do something wrong with the writing. So you should be calm while writing.

2.Interest in writing

Everything is incomplete without it. You should be interested in writing first.When your interest becomes clear,so it will be easy to pick a niche.When you choose a niche then the next step is

3. Types of writing

Now what do you like to write,Poetry, story, fiction, or political,non-political, long or short articles writing?
The first point is an interest and the second
What can you write?
What topics will your pen dominate?

Write again and again on the type of writing you like,This will improve the quality of your writing.

4.Knowledge & Research

Your knowledge and research on any topic should be good.The thoughts are your writing, Therefore, only the knowledge and research will give a written form to these thoughts or ideas, remember that standard writing depends on the research. Your command should be good at both of these points.

5. Start of writing

You have a pen and a copy then close your eyes, think about your topic for five minutes
Write these thoughts on paper.
That is the way you can write the whole blog you want, now read it by yourself 2 to 3 times, then correct the mistakes in the writing.
Now with one final touch, you can publish your creation of writing.

Yes, I succeeded

Only 5 Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Depression

Are you depressed? Now you don’t have to worry about that anymore.Here is the easy solution to your problem, which you will be disposed of immediately, Or you may be able to reduce your sad feelings.

These are some factors behind depression:

Depression is a bitter reality of daily life such as the death of a loved one, missing a pet,loss of job or business,divorce or breakdown of a relationship, any accident and this accident comes to mind again and again etc.

WHO:(world health organizatoion)

According to WHO Depression is a common mental disorder. Globally, more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression.

Tips to get rid of depression:

Take these steps immediately when you are overwhelmed by depression.

1. Talk

Don’t be silent
Talk to someone

Share your problems with someone sincere or, at least talk to yourself, it is better to look in the mirror, this will give you some immediate relief.

2. Walk

Choosing a quiet place to erase sad memories.

Go to a park
Walk as easily as you can, If walking is difficult, sit in a quiet place in the park, you will definitely feel refreshed.

3. kids

look at the children playing in the street, talk to these kids or play with them. No problem if there are some
children’s swings
You too can swing.

This childish activity will help you to keep happy.


If you are a pet lover,So understand that now it is not difficult to kick out depression.

Cats are God’s gift to us, playing or talking with cats or see the cats for an hour a day,can help a person get out of trouble.Cats will keep you tension- free.


Music plays an important role in keeping you calm,Especially meditative music & exciting music, but never listen to tragedy songs if you are already feeling anxious, it is not good for you at all.

Listening to funny music will also be useful.This is a great experience to get free of depression immediately.