6 EASY STEPS Get Rid of Cockroaches

This post is for all those who are afraid of cockroaches.

Wherever I see a cockroach, I just think of running away.In the past, I used to lose consciousness when I saw a cockroach.

Now with some effort, I send the cockroach to the valley of death
Where no one comes back from.
I’m so cowardly,
Become a Cockroach Killer now I share this with you today.
My sister is afraid of lizards and
I am from Cockroach.
So we both had an agreement
Like the Cold War between countries. Under the terms of the agreement, these terms will still have to be complied with
When we sisters stop talking because of any fight.
So if a lizard is seen anywhere, I will help my sister to get rid of it,
And if I see a cockroach, she will help me.
The advantage, it was for both of us
So these conditions
Have to complete it. Then the sister got married.
Everyone at home helped me get rid of cockroaches. But when no one in the house is free because of busyness
Then I thought to myself and have taken some steps to get rid of cockroaches.

6 Easy Steps:
1. First of all, with all the motivational quotes of bravery, I convinced myself that you too can become a cockroach killer.
2. Then the second thing I do is still see the cockroach with only one eye or with a blurred vision and often throw it away by dragging it through the wiper without seeing it.
3. Cockroach killer spray was placed everywhere in the room, in the kitchen, in the washroom, for immediate elimination of cockroaches, 4. A broom was left as an additional weapon.
5. Use a wiper to dispose of cockroach carcasses. 6.Put the boric acid powder in kitchen cupboards and spreadsheets.

Encouraged by the wiper hitting the cockroach’s body without seeing it and throwing it away.
Sometimes it was a game of hockey, sometimes a cockroach made a golf ball and i hit it hard.
Wow wow, my bravery…. salutes 41 cannons now.