7 Easy Tips How to reduce anger immediately

When we are angry that time our
Facial expressions get worse, our sound begins to tremble
Throat veins become swollen.Do one thing at that time.
Look in the mirror
You will laugh at yourself.
Otherwise at least,   In this state of terrible rage you will refuse to recognize yourself.

Anger is a natural feeling and Permanent concealment of anger can be dangerous, but that does not mean screaming in public or at home. Doing any harm
Or damage something. That’s not right.

In a state of rage
giving a reaction, is better to chew a salad leaf or go to the soundproof room.Now screaming loudly. Whatever you are angry about keep that in mind, and start boxing.

For boxing, it could be a boxing bag or even a wall, but remember your hands are yours.
Otherwise, it could be a joke,like this joke:

Two wrestlers were wrestling. One wrestler grabbed the leg and started putting pressure on that leg.
The referee came and said let go of the leg.
The wrestler said, “No, I will break this leg.”The referee explained, “Sir, don’t be angry. stop putting pressure on it.
this is your own leg.” Ha ha ha
So don’t show too much anger while boxing.

Simple and A few quick tips to reduce anger:

  1. Keep silent.
  2. Drink a glass of water.
  3. If you are standing, sit down.
  4. Even when sitting, and anger remains then lie down for a while.
  5. Moisten the back of the neck with water.
  6. perform ablution steps.
  7. keep praying I seek refuge of Allah(God) from devil.

I hope today’s journey of Sofa Text Express train
It will help reduce your anger.