3 Easy Ways To Make Money From Your Talent

What talent do you have? That talent is no less than a treasure for you.

Each one has its strengths, weaknesses, and abilities, and the combination of them is called life. Allah(God) has endowed each one with one or more talents.This is called God-gifted talent.

For example, someone can be a great speaker or singer, someone can be a good painter, someone can make great food.

Someone knows the art of wood the best way, or one can make the best puppet show.

One can be a good actor or one can make a good parody.One can also earn by dancing well. Like a kind- hearted Mr. Bean.

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full 10 minutes clip of mr. bean

Now, even if a good speaker sings well, it is not necessary. Or if a good actor becomes a great singer, It is a little bit impossible.He starts a course to become a singer, he can’t become a singer just by taking a course, but it is possible that God- gifted talent can get better by practice.

Easy ways:

Number 1.

First, you need to know your talent then practice it to learn more, it will improve it. It is important to take advantage of your talent
you need to work on it regularly.

Number 2.

The world is a global village and the coronavirus has increased the demand for online education and various online jobs.

This is the time when you can use your hidden talent. For example, if you have the talent to make the sounds of different animals, you can make money from it , as I can make the sound of a cat, the sound of a cartoon character and the sound of a hurt puppy.

Number 3.

Make different samples of whatever talent you have. Share them where you can sell your talent. Put these talent samples in text, audio, video form and send them to your desired job placements.

Sell your paintings, Or run a food business, sell some kind of artwork. Can become a motivational speaker or writer Can playback singing for advertising, logo designing or career counseling etc. I have mentioned a few, this is a very big field. I hope you enjoy this journey of the Sofa Text Express train.

Pakistani Traditional Dessert Makhni Kheer or Butter Kheer

Delecious Dessert

Easily prepared in just half an hour.This recipe is for two persons.

Butter 1Tbsp+Fresh\whole Milk 1and half kg+Soaked Rice 7 Tbsp (soak for 15 minutes) +Sugar 5 Tbsp+
4 almond Kernels & 4  pistachew finely chopped( for garnishing sprinkle on top).


Take a pan and put butter in it. When it melts, add fresh\whole milk and cook for 5 minutes.When the milk boils, add soaked rice and then sugar.Now cook it on medium flame for about 20 to 25 minutes,give it well stir. It is necessary to stir continuously.

Cook until thickened.
How thick the kheer?It’s up to you.After cooking, turn off the stove and take it out in a dish.Garnish with finely chopped pistachio nuts and cool for a while at room temperature.

Now the delicious  butter kheer is ready to eat.If you want to eat more chilled kheer then keep it in the fridge for 15 minutes.I hope you like this recipe.