A very Quick and Easy Recipe Saffron milk with only 3 ingredients.

Saffron milk is a popular energy drink in Pakistan.
People use this energy drink every season, but in the winter season, the demand for saffron milk increases in Pakistan. The main reason for its warm effects and is best for the heart, liver, and brain health, so it is mixed with milk and is preferred for drinking. It is also used in other foods.


It is good to take before going to bed in winter and it relieves the fatigue of the day. The Saffron’s plant grows in Quetta City and its environs in Pakistan. Saffron is also found in Kashmir, Iran, Turkey, Spain, China, Italy, France, and Portugal. Today we will talk about the recipe for delicious saffron milk. This is an instant nutritional recipe. This is a favorite energy drink of children and adults.

Note: 1.This milk recipe  is for 5 years old and all adults.
(Be sure to consult a doctor for anyone under the age of 5).
2.Those who are allergic to milk or
People with diarrhea should not try this recipe.

Prep. 5 mins Cook. 15 mins Total . 20 mins Servings. 2

Ingredients: fresh full cream milk 1 liter
Saffron strands Level 1/2 tsp (some pieces of saffron)
sugar 2 tbsp(or to your taste).

1. Pour the milk into a pan
2. Keep the milk on high flame until it boils.
3. Now slow the flame.
4. Add in the milk saffron strands+ sugar.
5. Let it simmer for 10-11 minutes on medium flame.
6. Turn off the stove and mix it well.
7. Now you drink it hot or cold, as you like. Some people also like finely chopped pistachios and almonds in saffron milk.So if you want more taste, add 1tsp of chopped almonds and pistachios When you start pouring it into the glass.

Some people also like rose petals in this energy drink.If you like then you can add petals.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s trip of our Sofa Text Express train. When you try this recipe, send me a glass too. So that I can create another nice and delicious blog.Ha ha ha