Drawing paper

Dear readers!
I was in the 6th grade at the time, when I read a quote in children’s magazine “Smile at your failure, success will come”. At that time, in the field of my limited intellect, I run horses of thought every day and think, how can this magic be? Is a smile the key to success? Then I thought why not try something for it.

So didn’t have to wait any longer for the test and the result of the 6th class half yearly exam was announced in the class itself. The  semi-papers Performance opening started with me in class. And when my drawing paper was shown to the class, everyone laughed out loud.

I couldn’t stand it and hid under the desk. Then with one close eye, I was scared to see what drawing paper I had made. A very small flower not visible on the drawing paper, a cup of tea with the wrong shape handle. An imperfect pot with a crooked foot, a parrot with a one and half-leg and its feathers like as the terrible rising waves of the sea. And the crooked racquet of tennis with its grip that’s all I drew.

So the score was 50/0, meaning i was out on eggs. And according to the principle laid down by the unknown scholar, any failure in the drawing paper will be considered a complete failure. “Fail” will be written by the teacher on the report card. So far so good, but the next problem is that it has to be signed by the parents and another tension of the parent-teacher meeting. Don’t know, what is my fault in that despite my best efforts, the artist inside me will not wake up? I was not Picasso’s neighbor to make a name for myself in painting.

I tried very hard to bring my inner artist to consciousness. Using more rubber than pencil on the drawing workbook, the pages got cracked, but neither my inner artist got up nor the drawing came in my nind. In fact, while practicing drawing, I turned to abstract art. And unfortunately my teachers could not understand my talent, otherwise the incomplete one-and-a-half-legged parrot I created, which had sea waves instead of wings, could be my first masterpiece of abstract art . So I came home with the egg paper (means with zero mark) and the report card.

It was Thursday and Friday was a holiday.
and the signed report card was to be given to Miss on Sunday.

I changed different positions in different rooms on Thursday , Friday, and Saturday evening, sometimes holding the report card straight, sometimes holding it upside down, smiling a lot, and seeing that maybe it would be magic and
me Succeed. And the word “fail” is changed to “pass” but no magic works. I don’t know who are the people who just smile when they fail and succeed.

Well, first I asked my mom for help. She said no, I will not sign at all. Tell your father.

At my mother’s refusal, I went to dad with heavy steps, I thought of my fate in my father’s hands and presented the report card to dad.

Dad glanced at the report card and then looked at me with complaining eyes
As he did not believe that these incompetent child belonged to him. Dad did the signing, and scolding began from dad.

Then finally the artist inside me got up before the final exam and I took drawing classes from another teacher in the neighborhood. Learned to draw with the help of “lines magic” these objects; Parrot, bat ball, cute little hut, bunches of grapes, oranges, mangoes, bananas, chopped pomegranate, its seeds and slices, okra, and eggplant. However our school teacher told us to draw a sketch of any object without explaining the basic principle, I did not understand anything. This point was clear. I also practiced cutting potatoes into four pieces, using colored ink on them, and then using a special technique on drawing paper to create several abstract art pieces.

With this practice
Later I passed the final exam with good marks. This series lasted till the 8th class. Our teacher also taught us craft paper objects like colorful boats, kites, various event cards, and colorful flowers, a doll frock+ bib from a newspaper cutting, and a draft of Shamim Ara style shirt. ( Shamim Ara was a famous actress of the’70s in Pakistan ). Until the 8th grade, it was my habit to be very happy to end the drawing period, even I was not so happy about the interval.

It would be nice if this was an option, God-given ability instead of art and craft paper.Then every student would do something more better than drawing. For e.g. as I used to do at school, at the request of friends, the sound of a cat, the sound of a donkey and the sound of a hurt puppy.That’s my talent. One day the sports teacher heard me making a donkey’s voice, so she punished me, play throw ball in the sports ground. There was no other player that time in the ground. Throw the ball and pick up it bymyself . After 30 minutes she was allowed to me go back to the class.

So, if God-given abilities were tested, then I would also top.I hope you enjoyed today’s sofa journey.