Mosquito melody

Dear readers!
Tone, rhythm, qawwal, and mosquito are closely related. Whether the mosquito is playing the melody of “bhin bhin” or the melody is playing, one has to consider what is going on. Do you know if these 2 raags are composing music for a rock-type song, Suddenly the mosquito loses its life under the moving clap of the qawwal and turns into the last”bheen bheen” in  “chiiin” of the mosquito. And rock music is left aside. Frequent sniffing of the fly sitting on the nose or the mosquito in the ear after a while teasing the melody of bhin bhin, Flies and mosquitoes are not easily caught by people until the people becomes a picture of helplessness. It is a joke that a fly sitting on Pathan’s nose was repeatedly harassing him. pathan holding a gun and Pathan got so angry that he could not catch the fly, he blew his own nose and said to fly “now where will you sit” ? Ha ha ha
Mosquitoes live an estimated 6 to 7 days to 5 months while the bee lives 15 to 30 days. Such a short life of these insects and look at the speed at which these insects are targeting humans and animals in such a short period of time. Somewhere cows and buffaloes will be seen chewing, twisting their necks like a drunken, or twisting the tail wings to drive away from the mosquitoes. Somewhere, a goat will be seen sniffing and running away from a mosquito.
While the donkey will create tremors in its body and force the mosquitoes to move away. And what does the man do to avoid them? In order to get rid of these mosquitoes, the doors and windows of the houses are covered with fine nets. Mosquito nets are used,  mosquito spray and long-lasting mosquito repellent oil are used. Smoke from wood and coal is used to drive them away. The floor is polished with a scent of fragrant phenyl. But these irrational mosquitoes breakthrough all security fences and threaten us as if we are challenging. From time to time there is occasional applause from the houses, so the first thing that comes to mind is that the birthdays are being celebrated. A closer look reveals that the trumpet of the massacre of mosquitoes is ringing.
The only thing the mosquito is afraid of is not being hit by the”qawwal’s clap” while clapping. But there are also some irrational mosquitoes that successfully complete their mission and escape. I have also been exposed to such mosquitoes. There were summer days and I had to go to college every day to take classes. One night   I was sleeping and
Listen to in-ears mosquito voice “bheen bheen” from time to time.
But I slept with applause here and there. This morning was a public holiday, and when I woke up in the morning, I had a painful feeling of being bitten by a mosquito. It happened that a mosquito bit me right in the middle of my upper lip and I became a relative of an Abyssinian. In the mirror, when I saw my face, I immediately backed away in fear. Then looked again in awe, and for a while, I began to recognize myself. My upper lip, like that of an Abyssinian, by a fleeing mosquito.
I burst the words irrationally in the glory of the mosquito. who can feel the pain of mosquito bites on the lips is the one who has gone through this pain.
Due to the swelling, my shape has changed and my mouth should not be closed properly. It was really a big poisonous mosquito. People like “Botox” drugs/ injection treatment but I can guess now that mosquitoes can be an alternative to “Botox”. Well, I thought of going to college the next day, the Imaginary voices of friends of “Habshan Habshan” began to be heard in my ears. I thought I should find a solution. So I did it on the advice of my mother and aunt. A mixture of mustard oil and salt was used. At first, the swelling increased a little but I used this tip 4 to 5 times then the swelling of the lips disappeared by evening. Thank God. Otherwise, I was afraid that my college friends would make fun of me.

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