Mosquito melody

Dear readers!
Tone, rhythm, qawwal, and mosquito are closely related. Whether the mosquito is playing the melody of “bhin bhin” or the melody is playing, one has to consider what is going on. Do you know if these 2 raags are composing music for a rock-type song, Suddenly the mosquito loses its life under the moving clap of the qawwal and turns into the last”bheen bheen” in  “chiiin” of the mosquito. And rock music is left aside. Frequent sniffing of the fly sitting on the nose or the mosquito in the ear after a while teasing the melody of bhin bhin, Flies and mosquitoes are not easily caught by people until the people becomes a picture of helplessness. It is a joke that a fly sitting on Pathan’s nose was repeatedly harassing him. pathan holding a gun and Pathan got so angry that he could not catch the fly, he blew his own nose and said to fly “now where will you sit” ? Ha ha ha
Mosquitoes live an estimated 6 to 7 days to 5 months while the bee lives 15 to 30 days. Such a short life of these insects and look at the speed at which these insects are targeting humans and animals in such a short period of time. Somewhere cows and buffaloes will be seen chewing, twisting their necks like a drunken, or twisting the tail wings to drive away from the mosquitoes. Somewhere, a goat will be seen sniffing and running away from a mosquito.
While the donkey will create tremors in its body and force the mosquitoes to move away. And what does the man do to avoid them? In order to get rid of these mosquitoes, the doors and windows of the houses are covered with fine nets. Mosquito nets are used,  mosquito spray and long-lasting mosquito repellent oil are used. Smoke from wood and coal is used to drive them away. The floor is polished with a scent of fragrant phenyl. But these irrational mosquitoes breakthrough all security fences and threaten us as if we are challenging. From time to time there is occasional applause from the houses, so the first thing that comes to mind is that the birthdays are being celebrated. A closer look reveals that the trumpet of the massacre of mosquitoes is ringing.
The only thing the mosquito is afraid of is not being hit by the”qawwal’s clap” while clapping. But there are also some irrational mosquitoes that successfully complete their mission and escape. I have also been exposed to such mosquitoes. There were summer days and I had to go to college every day to take classes. One night   I was sleeping and
Listen to in-ears mosquito voice “bheen bheen” from time to time.
But I slept with applause here and there. This morning was a public holiday, and when I woke up in the morning, I had a painful feeling of being bitten by a mosquito. It happened that a mosquito bit me right in the middle of my upper lip and I became a relative of an Abyssinian. In the mirror, when I saw my face, I immediately backed away in fear. Then looked again in awe, and for a while, I began to recognize myself. My upper lip, like that of an Abyssinian, by a fleeing mosquito.
I burst the words irrationally in the glory of the mosquito. who can feel the pain of mosquito bites on the lips is the one who has gone through this pain.
Due to the swelling, my shape has changed and my mouth should not be closed properly. It was really a big poisonous mosquito. People like “Botox” drugs/ injection treatment but I can guess now that mosquitoes can be an alternative to “Botox”. Well, I thought of going to college the next day, the Imaginary voices of friends of “Habshan Habshan” began to be heard in my ears. I thought I should find a solution. So I did it on the advice of my mother and aunt. A mixture of mustard oil and salt was used. At first, the swelling increased a little but I used this tip 4 to 5 times then the swelling of the lips disappeared by evening. Thank God. Otherwise, I was afraid that my college friends would make fun of me.

61% of Pakistan’s doctors are obese, research.

(photo by dawn news) 61% of Pakistan’s doctors are obese, research.

In Pakistan, 61% of doctors, including cardiologists, are obese and 7.5% are addicted to smoking.
This was revealed in a study conducted by Dr. Salik Ahmed Memon, a researcher at the National Institute of Cardiology.
Dear readers, I came across a news item yesterday
November 21, 2021, according to Dawn News,
Obesity and smoking did not spare the doctors either.
The public should be more grateful to the doctors instead of worrying about it. That the doctors are standing side by side with the obese people who are present with a big fat body, tummy, and smoking addiction. So that the people can be encouraged that they are not the only ones who are a little bit obese or are addicted to cigarettes.Although all of them are known as doctors, first they are traditional Pakistanis.  No one can be called Pakistani till then who looks obese and addicted to cigarettes. People themselves keep inviting obesity. And doctors are spent in the service of the people and doctors don’t have time because they are busy, So The journey of the chairs up to the chairs. And then a few puffs of cigarettes … refreshed and made the destination of the next hospital easier. Exercise machines are waiting, jogging, walking only a dream.That is why in the car parking lot of Pakistani hospitals,   first a big tummy gets out of the car and then the rest of the man. Sometimes this obesity also becomes news.  When a fat person gets stuck in the door, the door has to be broken while this news was read a long time ago. An obese man was stuck between a wall in Rawalpindi and the wall had to be broken
Then he came out of there. I remember a song by Adnan Sami on it:
کہاں بس گئے ہو سپنوں کے ساگر میں
translation of the original song: Where are you settled
In the ocean of dreams?
now translated it after editing some words:
Where are you stuck,
In the door and the iron wall?
This is the story of our childhood, our uncles used to smoke, Seeing them also made us want to smoke cigarettes so we siblings first tried to smoke a cigarette. Everyone took a long puff of a cigarette and at the same time, the throat became very bitter and a severe cough started. that’s when my aunt caught us smoking. Then the whole life
Never again smoked for fear of a severe cough and being caught.

only 5 Easy ways to get rid of foot and leg fatigue.

Have you ever had a foot spasm or
does leg fatigue make you restless?

Get ready here is an effective solution to your problem.Only 5 simple ways described in this blog you can get rid of this problem.
There is a feeling of pain in the legs and fatigue in the feet due to overwork, climbing stairs too much and often standing for too long. it affects men, women and children. Sometimes sitting position can also make us tired. Hanging your feet on a chair for a long time is a big reason for this, and because of this fatigue, the pain often makes it difficult to sleep
Or sleep deprivation. Here are some tips to help you get rid of this fatigue in simple ways

So let’s get started:
1. First of all check your body’s levels of vitamin A and vitamin D and maintain these levels as needed.
2. Don’t hang your feet for too long,
If for some reason you have to sit in this position, place a foot holder under your feet according to the level of your chair and legs.For example, a small children’s chair or small table/plastic stool would be better for that.
3. If you have to work standing up, So in the meantime, sit down for a while every half an hour and take a short walk.
4. Day or night whenever you have some time, take a tub or bucket with lukewarm water and mix 1 tablespoon of salt. Soak your legs and feet in this lukewarm water for 10 or 15 minutes.
5. Massage the feet and legs gently with soft hands. Olive, mustard or coconut oil is best for massage or you can mix all three oils if you wish.Also massage the soles of the feet,  between toes and fingers. it helps in getting a good night’s sleep.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Sofa Text Journey, and you will feel refreshed after foot massage. Because my readers have been sitting on the sofa text express train with their feet hanging for a long time, So it was necessary to refresh.

ارب پتی

قارئینِ کرام!
کسی بھی قسم کے روزگار اور کام کے بغیر گھر بیٹھے آپ پہلےلکھ پتی،کروڑ پتی، ارب ،کھرب، مِلیئن و بِلیئن اور پھر ٹرِلیئن بن جائیں تو یقیناً لوگ آپ کو اھلاً و سھلاً کہنے والے مشہور شہزادہ سلمان کا قریبی رشتے دار سمجھیں گے۔یا  پھر آپ مارک زکربرگ،بل گیٹس کا ہم پَلّہ قرار پائیں گے۔ اور مجھے آپ سب کو یہ بتاتے ہوئے بے حد خوشی محسوس ہو رہی ھے  کی zong dead work oh 
sorry مطلب net work
کی بدولت اور ایک بے لوث اَن دیکھے عوام کی خدمت کے بے تاج و عظیم و بے مثال فی سبیل اللہ پروگرام کی بدولت میں بہت جَلد  دنیا کے امیروں کا ریکارڈ توڑ کر ان سب میں پہلے نمبر پر جانے لگی ھوں اور مزید عجیب بات یہ ھے کہ میں نے اس پروگرام میں کبھی شرکت بھی نہیں کی اور پھر بھی مجھے انہوں نے اس منزل تک پہنچایا میں کس منہ سے ان سب کا شکریہ ادا کروں بس یہی منہ ھے میرے پاس میرے محسنو ! شکریہ قبول فرماؤ ویسے آپ نہ بھی شکریہ وصول کرو تو میرا کیا چلے جانا ھے ویسے ھی جیسے آپ کے غائبانہ انعام واکرام کی مجھ نا چیز کے پاس ایک  طویل فہرست ھے اور میں پھر بھی خالی ہاتھ ہوں ایسے ہی۔ اچھا یہ انعامات و اکرام کی بارش فقط کُل میری جائداد نہیں بلکہ اس میں مجھے %101
یقین ھے کہ باقی پاکستانی بہن بھائی بھی اسی طرح  جلد بِیلینئر بن جائیں گے۔ پروگرام کی طرف سے مبارک بادیاں اور زونگ کے لا تعداد پیکیچیز، خوشخبریاں میں نے اتنی بار وصول کیں کہ مجھ ادنیٰ ھستی سے یہ خوشیاں سنبھالے نہیں سنبھل رہیں جیسے ھمارے بچپن کی بات ھے ہمارے محلے میں ھم بچوں کے گروپ کیپٹن شاہد کے دادا ابو کا پچاس ہزار کا پرائز بانڈ نکل آیا اور وہ یہ خوشی نہ سنبھال پائے اور انہیں ہارٹ اٹیک ہو گیا میں نے زندگی میں پہلی بار خوشی کی کیفیت میں بیمار ہو کے  کسی کو ایمبولینس میں اسپتال جاتے دیکھا تھا جبکہ دادا جی نے یہ رقم اپنے اکلوتے پوتے شاہد اور اس کی دو بہنوں کے نام اسپتال جانے سے پہلے ہی کر دی تھی اور ان دنوں کے حساب سے یہ تھی بھی اچھی خاصی رقم ۔بات کہاں سے کہاں نکل گئی ہاں تو میں کہہ رہی ہوں کہ مجھ سے ان عظیم  خوشیوں کا بار نہیں سنبھل رہا میں نے زونگ اور اس پروگرام کے لا تعداد خوشخبری کے توجہ دلاؤ نوٹس مطلب پیغامات کو ڈیلیٹ بھی کیا ظاہر ھے مجھے اپنی جان پیاری ھے کہیں دل کا دورہ نہ پڑ جائے،  اور ڈر کر میں نے “پروگرام” کے پیغامات کو بلاک بھی کیا مگر عجب جادوئی خوش خبریاں ھیں دو دو دِن کے وقفے سے مجھ پر بارش کی برسات کی طرح برستی ہیں اور میں حیرت زدہ کسی سلطنت کے “عظیم الشان شہنشاہ فَرماں رَوا” کی  دولت لٹانے  کی سی مہربانی والے میسیجز دیکھ کر خود کو  بہت جَلد مارک زکر برگ، بل گیٹس یا ایلن مسک کی فہرست میں دیکھ رہی ہوں میں تمام پڑھنے والو سے وہ سب پیغامات ابھی شیئر کر رہی ہوں ویسے بھی شیئر نگ اِز کیئرنگ ھے ناکیا پتہ کتنے لوگ اور ارب پتی پن جائیں میری اس چھوٹی سی نیکی سے، اور کیا آپ اس پروگرام کا نام جاننا چاہیں گے؟جسے نہ کبھی میں نے ٹی -وی پر دیکھا نہ ہی کبھی شرکت کی پھر بھی میں نے ان کے پروگرام میں قرعہ اندازی جیت لی جیسے نواز شریف لندن میں اور ان  کو پاکستان میں کورونا ویکسین لگا دی گئی ویسے۔  اس پروگرام کا نام ھے
چھوڑو پاکستان
نہیں نہیں جیتو پاکستان۔آپ ان سب کا کھلا ثبوت تصاویر میں دیکھیں اگر دو ماہ میں اتنی رقم،  اور سونا میرے حصے میں آیا تو   پورے دو چار سال کے پچھلے حساب سے اور آنیوالے دو سال تک دنیا میں موجود قارون کے متروک frozen account جیسے  خزانوں پر اس حساب سے میرا راج ہو گا۔ اور لا تعداد لیپ ٹاپس کے انعامات کے بعد مجھے  “لیپ ٹاپ کرائے پر دستیاب ہیں” کا کاروبار کر لینا چاہیئے۔ لیجئے ابھی انعامات کا ذکر میں تحریر کر رہی تھی کہ میرے  اثاثہ جات میں  مزید اضافہ ہو  گیا ھے “لُوٹو پاکستان” پروگرام کے ایک مزید میسیج کی بدولت٠اس کو بھی تصاویر میں دیکھیں۔ اور سر دھنتے جائیں اتنی دولت اتنے انعامات۔ سب کے سب لُوٹو، جیتو چھوڑو اور فراڈو کی بدولت ھیں ۔

Cricket ICC T20 Worldcup 2021.

Courtesy image

ICC Please note this is a request from a cricket fan
I want a new rule in cricket. There should be 2 finals in the CricketT20 World cup-like England lost the semi final match (group A) and Pakistan lost semi final match (group B)
So a final match should be held between these losing teams
and the small trophy
(نِکّی ٹرافی)
should be given to the winning team.
Pakistan played well but today was not our day. when the catch was dropped by Hasan Ali. That was the turning point of the match. Congrats Australia, But now I am with New Zealand.

Drawing paper

Dear readers!
I was in the 6th grade at the time, when I read a quote in children’s magazine “Smile at your failure, success will come”. At that time, in the field of my limited intellect, I run horses of thought every day and think, how can this magic be? Is a smile the key to success? Then I thought why not try something for it.

So didn’t have to wait any longer for the test and the result of the 6th class half yearly exam was announced in the class itself. The  semi-papers Performance opening started with me in class. And when my drawing paper was shown to the class, everyone laughed out loud.

I couldn’t stand it and hid under the desk. Then with one close eye, I was scared to see what drawing paper I had made. A very small flower not visible on the drawing paper, a cup of tea with the wrong shape handle. An imperfect pot with a crooked foot, a parrot with a one and half-leg and its feathers like as the terrible rising waves of the sea. And the crooked racquet of tennis with its grip that’s all I drew.

So the score was 50/0, meaning i was out on eggs. And according to the principle laid down by the unknown scholar, any failure in the drawing paper will be considered a complete failure. “Fail” will be written by the teacher on the report card. So far so good, but the next problem is that it has to be signed by the parents and another tension of the parent-teacher meeting. Don’t know, what is my fault in that despite my best efforts, the artist inside me will not wake up? I was not Picasso’s neighbor to make a name for myself in painting.

I tried very hard to bring my inner artist to consciousness. Using more rubber than pencil on the drawing workbook, the pages got cracked, but neither my inner artist got up nor the drawing came in my nind. In fact, while practicing drawing, I turned to abstract art. And unfortunately my teachers could not understand my talent, otherwise the incomplete one-and-a-half-legged parrot I created, which had sea waves instead of wings, could be my first masterpiece of abstract art . So I came home with the egg paper (means with zero mark) and the report card.

It was Thursday and Friday was a holiday.
and the signed report card was to be given to Miss on Sunday.

I changed different positions in different rooms on Thursday , Friday, and Saturday evening, sometimes holding the report card straight, sometimes holding it upside down, smiling a lot, and seeing that maybe it would be magic and
me Succeed. And the word “fail” is changed to “pass” but no magic works. I don’t know who are the people who just smile when they fail and succeed.

Well, first I asked my mom for help. She said no, I will not sign at all. Tell your father.

At my mother’s refusal, I went to dad with heavy steps, I thought of my fate in my father’s hands and presented the report card to dad.

Dad glanced at the report card and then looked at me with complaining eyes
As he did not believe that these incompetent child belonged to him. Dad did the signing, and scolding began from dad.

Then finally the artist inside me got up before the final exam and I took drawing classes from another teacher in the neighborhood. Learned to draw with the help of “lines magic” these objects; Parrot, bat ball, cute little hut, bunches of grapes, oranges, mangoes, bananas, chopped pomegranate, its seeds and slices, okra, and eggplant. However our school teacher told us to draw a sketch of any object without explaining the basic principle, I did not understand anything. This point was clear. I also practiced cutting potatoes into four pieces, using colored ink on them, and then using a special technique on drawing paper to create several abstract art pieces.

With this practice
Later I passed the final exam with good marks. This series lasted till the 8th class. Our teacher also taught us craft paper objects like colorful boats, kites, various event cards, and colorful flowers, a doll frock+ bib from a newspaper cutting, and a draft of Shamim Ara style shirt. ( Shamim Ara was a famous actress of the’70s in Pakistan ). Until the 8th grade, it was my habit to be very happy to end the drawing period, even I was not so happy about the interval.

It would be nice if this was an option, God-given ability instead of art and craft paper.Then every student would do something more better than drawing. For e.g. as I used to do at school, at the request of friends, the sound of a cat, the sound of a donkey and the sound of a hurt puppy.That’s my talent. One day the sports teacher heard me making a donkey’s voice, so she punished me, play throw ball in the sports ground. There was no other player that time in the ground. Throw the ball and pick up it bymyself . After 30 minutes she was allowed to me go back to the class.

So, if God-given abilities were tested, then I would also top.I hope you enjoyed today’s sofa journey.

6 EASY STEPS Get Rid of Cockroaches

This post is for all those who are afraid of cockroaches.

Wherever I see a cockroach, I just think of running away.In the past, I used to lose consciousness when I saw a cockroach.

Now with some effort, I send the cockroach to the valley of death
Where no one comes back from.
I’m so cowardly,
Become a Cockroach Killer now I share this with you today.
My sister is afraid of lizards and
I am from Cockroach.
So we both had an agreement
Like the Cold War between countries. Under the terms of the agreement, these terms will still have to be complied with
When we sisters stop talking because of any fight.
So if a lizard is seen anywhere, I will help my sister to get rid of it,
And if I see a cockroach, she will help me.
The advantage, it was for both of us
So these conditions
Have to complete it. Then the sister got married.
Everyone at home helped me get rid of cockroaches. But when no one in the house is free because of busyness
Then I thought to myself and have taken some steps to get rid of cockroaches.

6 Easy Steps:
1. First of all, with all the motivational quotes of bravery, I convinced myself that you too can become a cockroach killer.
2. Then the second thing I do is still see the cockroach with only one eye or with a blurred vision and often throw it away by dragging it through the wiper without seeing it.
3. Cockroach killer spray was placed everywhere in the room, in the kitchen, in the washroom, for immediate elimination of cockroaches, 4. A broom was left as an additional weapon.
5. Use a wiper to dispose of cockroach carcasses. 6.Put the boric acid powder in kitchen cupboards and spreadsheets.

Encouraged by the wiper hitting the cockroach’s body without seeing it and throwing it away.
Sometimes it was a game of hockey, sometimes a cockroach made a golf ball and i hit it hard.
Wow wow, my bravery…. salutes 41 cannons now.

7 Easy Tips How to reduce anger immediately

When we are angry that time our
Facial expressions get worse, our sound begins to tremble
Throat veins become swollen.Do one thing at that time.
Look in the mirror
You will laugh at yourself.
Otherwise at least,   In this state of terrible rage you will refuse to recognize yourself.

Anger is a natural feeling and Permanent concealment of anger can be dangerous, but that does not mean screaming in public or at home. Doing any harm
Or damage something. That’s not right.

In a state of rage
giving a reaction, is better to chew a salad leaf or go to the soundproof room.Now screaming loudly. Whatever you are angry about keep that in mind, and start boxing.

For boxing, it could be a boxing bag or even a wall, but remember your hands are yours.
Otherwise, it could be a joke,like this joke:

Two wrestlers were wrestling. One wrestler grabbed the leg and started putting pressure on that leg.
The referee came and said let go of the leg.
The wrestler said, “No, I will break this leg.”The referee explained, “Sir, don’t be angry. stop putting pressure on it.
this is your own leg.” Ha ha ha
So don’t show too much anger while boxing.

Simple and A few quick tips to reduce anger:

  1. Keep silent.
  2. Drink a glass of water.
  3. If you are standing, sit down.
  4. Even when sitting, and anger remains then lie down for a while.
  5. Moisten the back of the neck with water.
  6. perform ablution steps.
  7. keep praying I seek refuge of Allah(God) from devil.

I hope today’s journey of Sofa Text Express train
It will help reduce your anger.

3 Easy Ways To Make Money From Your Talent

What talent do you have? That talent is no less than a treasure for you.

Each one has its strengths, weaknesses, and abilities, and the combination of them is called life. Allah(God) has endowed each one with one or more talents.This is called God-gifted talent.

For example, someone can be a great speaker or singer, someone can be a good painter, someone can make great food.

Someone knows the art of wood the best way, or one can make the best puppet show.

One can be a good actor or one can make a good parody.One can also earn by dancing well. Like a kind- hearted Mr. Bean.

please press the text”preview post”

full 10 minutes clip of mr. bean

Now, even if a good speaker sings well, it is not necessary. Or if a good actor becomes a great singer, It is a little bit impossible.He starts a course to become a singer, he can’t become a singer just by taking a course, but it is possible that God- gifted talent can get better by practice.

Easy ways:

Number 1.

First, you need to know your talent then practice it to learn more, it will improve it. It is important to take advantage of your talent
you need to work on it regularly.

Number 2.

The world is a global village and the coronavirus has increased the demand for online education and various online jobs.

This is the time when you can use your hidden talent. For example, if you have the talent to make the sounds of different animals, you can make money from it , as I can make the sound of a cat, the sound of a cartoon character and the sound of a hurt puppy.

Number 3.

Make different samples of whatever talent you have. Share them where you can sell your talent. Put these talent samples in text, audio, video form and send them to your desired job placements.

Sell your paintings, Or run a food business, sell some kind of artwork. Can become a motivational speaker or writer Can playback singing for advertising, logo designing or career counseling etc. I have mentioned a few, this is a very big field. I hope you enjoy this journey of the Sofa Text Express train.

The best unique meditation music clip to relieve stress

(God) Allah ho Allah ho Allah ho

This mystical music clip of 27 seconds is very powerful.If you are under pressure for some reason or you want to solve a problem.

So you sit in a comfortable place
In a relaxed position. Close your eyes and imagine.Think of a solution to your problem with that in mind, and this mystical music will help you.
Listen to this mystical clip with an auto-repeat setting.

There is no time limit. Listen as much as you can hear.

Clip source:

The song was aired on a (Pakistan television)PTV drama”soraj kay sath sath or “Along with the Sun”. The singer’s name is mussarat nazeer and I first heard it on YouTube in 2018, I got the details in the comments.Then I trimmed it and it felt so good and I was so relieved to hear it.I hope you enjoy today’s journey of Sofa Text Express and you will feel relaxed listening to it. Here is the link to the full song.

Song link: