61% of Pakistan’s doctors are obese, research.

(photo by dawn news) 61% of Pakistan’s doctors are obese, research.

In Pakistan, 61% of doctors, including cardiologists, are obese and 7.5% are addicted to smoking.
This was revealed in a study conducted by Dr. Salik Ahmed Memon, a researcher at the National Institute of Cardiology.
Dear readers, I came across a news item yesterday
November 21, 2021, according to Dawn News,
Obesity and smoking did not spare the doctors either.
The public should be more grateful to the doctors instead of worrying about it. That the doctors are standing side by side with the obese people who are present with a big fat body, tummy, and smoking addiction. So that the people can be encouraged that they are not the only ones who are a little bit obese or are addicted to cigarettes.Although all of them are known as doctors, first they are traditional Pakistanis.  No one can be called Pakistani till then who looks obese and addicted to cigarettes. People themselves keep inviting obesity. And doctors are spent in the service of the people and doctors don’t have time because they are busy, So The journey of the chairs up to the chairs. And then a few puffs of cigarettes … refreshed and made the destination of the next hospital easier. Exercise machines are waiting, jogging, walking only a dream.That is why in the car parking lot of Pakistani hospitals,   first a big tummy gets out of the car and then the rest of the man. Sometimes this obesity also becomes news.  When a fat person gets stuck in the door, the door has to be broken while this news was read a long time ago. An obese man was stuck between a wall in Rawalpindi and the wall had to be broken
Then he came out of there. I remember a song by Adnan Sami on it:
کہاں بس گئے ہو سپنوں کے ساگر میں
translation of the original song: Where are you settled
In the ocean of dreams?
now translated it after editing some words:
Where are you stuck,
In the door and the iron wall?
This is the story of our childhood, our uncles used to smoke, Seeing them also made us want to smoke cigarettes so we siblings first tried to smoke a cigarette. Everyone took a long puff of a cigarette and at the same time, the throat became very bitter and a severe cough started. that’s when my aunt caught us smoking. Then the whole life
Never again smoked for fear of a severe cough and being caught.

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