2 Easy Recipes of Sweet Potato, Ready Immediately

A special winter gift
sweet potato

sweet potato
it is a healthy,useful food for the stomach and intestines
It is equally popular with young children and adults.Just think to have a comfortable seat by the fireplace in the winter,there is an atmosphere of silence, You are reading your favorite book or think about something. What a wonderful moment to this fascination why not enhance with a light snack? And that is sweet potato.

The taste of sweet roasted potatoes is so deliciously different,
so put sweet potatoes in the fire for 10 to 15 minutes. And then peel it off. Just enjoy it now.

Sweet potatoes are commonly eaten here in Pakistan in 2 ways. I mentioned 1. now I tell you the 2nd method or recipe of sweet potato chaat.

Ingredients: Medium size& Boied+peeled sweet potatoes: 6 Or 7 Sugar :3 Tbsp Salt :1 pinch Lemon juice: 1Tbsp Black pepper or red chilli :1/4th tsp(optional) Some pieces of square papers.

Recipe: Cut the sweet potatoes into small cubes. Then add sugar, salt, pepper, and lemon juice and mix it well. By placing it in square pieces of paper, believe me, has its own taste, and eating like this is fun. I hope you remember this journey of sofa text express train.

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